Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Mission and Vision


University education, all in accordance with the purpose to support the teaching and research activities is to provide resources and services and develop. To accomplish this objective:

  • To inform the researcher of information sources and provide the requested resource,
  • Physical and virtual library environment  facilitating work in providing the necessary comfort and conditions,
  • Preservation of library collections and resources and ensure longevity,
  • Social development, relevant institutions to contribute to research and learning, cooperation with domestic and foreign libraries and information centers and to improve communication,
  • Expertise on staff to serve the high-quality library understanding, skills, commitment and creativity to create the spirit, promote and ensure sustainability.



Due to the vision library that provides access from anywhere to all the resources of science and scientific research and development as indispensable learning center;

  • Having the richest collections in terms of quality and quantity,
  • To be entrepreneur and pioneer In national and international library services,
  • Take measures in advance by identifying the needs of library users,
  • To have the appropriate technological development archiving system,

 Access to sources of information do innovative work to be easier and faster.